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Welcome to Marty's Page!
and congratulations for having the persistence to get this far into my website...
This is the place where I can 'talk' about something other than business... A challenge with me; it seems that so much of my life is centered on business. I would prefer that it be centered on loftier pursuits. The Father and I are working on it, but it seems I still have a long way to go. He has it worked out. I apparently don't listen all that well...
There's an old story about a young man who went to visit a 'wise old man of the mountain,' wherever one happens to find these people. The young man asked, "How I can see God?" The wise old man thought about it for a long time. Finally he replied, "My son, I cannot help you in this matter. You see, I cannot NOT see God."
I make no claims about wisdom, but my kids think I'm old [I sometimes agree], and we do live on the slopes of Mount Scott, one of the ten volcanoes that surround Portland, Oregon. To be truthful, I can't not see God, either. Not that I see Him physically; I don't believe that God is tangible. But all around me I see evidence of His presence. I also see evidence of His absence in the lives of so many around me. I was introduced to Jesus Christ in college, having been raised without the benefit of church or religion. I usually describe myself as having been raised a pagan; not that I did weird things with idols, I simply wasn't sure that there was some sort of Being that knew, or cared what was going on in this world. I certainly didn't.
I've been walking with God for 44 years, as of this writing; I've seen miracles, I've seen much about life that I cannot explain rationally. I have far more difficulty in believing that the beauty in this world—the coloring of a fish that lives at the bottom of the ocean where it's dark, and color is irrelevant, for example—is the product of two molecules that happened to bump into each other a few billion years ago; than it is for me to believe that there is a guiding Presence behind all this stuff. I don't get into arguments about Creation vs. evolution; not that I don't have opinions on the subject, but that's all they are—opinions. For me, knowing the Father does not mean that I have a better understanding of life; but it encourages me in believing that there is an Answer to most of our questions. I also believe that we probably won't find that Answer until we get Home. To quote an old Righteous Brothers' song, "If you believe in Forever, then life is just a one night stand."
Jones Family, 2013
Jen is a graduate of University of Northern Colorado in Greeley; now living and working in Fort Collins as a full-time Mom; and full-time office manager. On October 1, 2002, Jen gave birth to Katelina Ruth Jones Moore, here in Portland. Jen is married to Robert Wayne Moore, aka "gearjammer", who drives long-haul trucks and manages a Truck Depot.          
Rob is an Eagle Scout, and a graduate of Johnson & Wales University in Denver, where he earned a degree in Food Service Management. Having worked in the food industry for 20 years, ending as a Sous Chef, Rob has decided to pursue a career in Brewing.
David, having attended University of Oregon, is in the process of finding his gifts and career goals. He is a gifted artist, and one of the bravest, and most generous people that I know.
Judy is a Cook for the David Douglas School District. As a Senior, Senior at Portland State University, she earned her Bachelor’s Degree a few years ago.
In 2009 I became aware of my Idiopathic Polyneuropathy. It started with a silver-dollar-sized area on the ball of each foot, the previous November. In May of 2009 I was 'shooting' a video of a wedding; by the time the reception started, I was in so much pain from the fibromyalgia/rheumatism I’ve had for years, that I asked my Father to take me Home. I was ready to not wake up the following morning. Within a few weeks, my ability to feel external pain, and my sense of touch had become absent over 70% of my body. In May of 2011 it expanded to include the rest of my body, most of my taste buds, and the function of my gut. After several months of testing at Oregon Health Sciences University, it was determined that there is no explanation as to the cause of my neuropathy; and no prognosis for recovery.
I could say that I'm becoming accustomed to my 'new normal' but it wouldn't be true. Each day is different, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in larger ways. There are chronic issues that unfortunately have become a major focus of my attention. I lack the stamina I once had; my inability to feel pain, and my lack of balance make it foolish to do many of the activities I've done for most of my adult life. Walking is becoming more difficult; and I've discovered aspects of pain that I never knew existed. Many of my chronic aches and pains have disappeared as the nerves become damaged; but there's a 'hidden' aspect of pain that I wasn't aware of before. My body reacts in negative ways to pain I can't feel...
So, what's left...
I love to draw. I fill my life with music, mostly on CDs...a lot of worship music that I call ‘brain food’, and selected music from my past. I do have a soundtrack to my life, mostly provided by the Multnomah County Library system. Music is playing in my office 24 hours a day. I value hero stories, and I am a movie addict. For years while working for the City of Portland, I would take MY vacation in January. For four weeks, I would draw and watch movies, 3-5 per day. I enjoy reading theology. Not to the point of understanding the Graf-Belhausen Documentary Hypothesis [if you know what that means, could you send me an email?]; but from the standpoint of attempting to understand the weird creatures we are. Favorite theologians: Steve Brown, C.S. Lewis, Philip Yancey, Frederick Buechner, Tim Hansel, Eugene Peterson, Os Guinness.
I'm an Elder of the Presbyterian Church, and currently attend Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, where I serve as a Stephen Minister.
If you've gotten this far, please send me an email, with “Marty's Page” as the subject. I'm curious as to whether anyone ever reads this...
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