Oregon Building Code Updates

Building Code Updates
For a number of years I published Building Code Updates, intended to assist the reader with the State of Oregon Code changes; based upon my 14 years of experience in Code-related matters. However, I got out of the habit. I still feel that this information is needed, since the State and local jurisdictions persist in their inattention to the general public, in terms of Code changes. My intention is to continue with these updates in the near future.

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Useful Information

2010 Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code

Effective date: July 1, 2010

Power point presentation: code change training for the Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code (OEESC)
Building Envelope: CLICK HERE {Link

Commercial Building Code

The most recent edition of Oregon's version of the 2009 International Building Code
[2010 Oregon Structural Specialty Code] went into effect on July 1, 2010.
Program News & Updates
Amendments to the 2010 OSSC for Radon provisions – Section 1811, Section 1812, and Appendix N

2/16/11     Amendments to the 2010 OSSC for Carbon Monoxide provisions for AN103.6 and 908.7
Effective April 1, 2011


4/1/11     Adopting Carbon Monoxide Alarm Requirements – Amending 2008 ORSC & 2010 OSSC


Residential Building Code

Current codebook:
2011 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (ORSC) Adoptive date: July 1, 2011

2010 Oregon Solar Installation Specialty Code (OSISC) Adoptive date: October 1, 2010

Carbon Monoxide Alarms Section R326 effective April 1, 2011

Newly Adopted Rules

4/11/ 2011 Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code
1/1/11 Radon Gas Mitigation Standards

Link} R703.1 Exterior Coverings Permanent Rule Adoption
Grace Period: Ends March 31, 2010

Example:  plastic ventilated wall battens

More Useful Information, Sometimes Hard to Find
One of the specialties in my work is research; since MJ Arts is not an Authority Having Jurisdiction, I have to document the soundness of my Code interpretations by using information published by the International Codes Council and other authorities.

UL Listed 1-hr Assemblies, Fire One Side
Fire Ratings of Exposed Wood.pdf
FireWall structural stability- BldSafety.pdf

UL 326.PDF

UL 330.PDF

Stories with One Exit

These .pdf files can be downloaded and printed for reference use. I recommend you download these files using Broadband or DSL connections. Adobe Acrobat is required. Click below for a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader


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