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When I ventured out on this Illustrator gig, I wanted to illustrate Adventure Stories. I studied the great illustrators of the 19th and 20th Centuries, and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

I wanted to illustrate the books one could find in libraries, Back When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth. It was called "literature".

I spent about 10 years, honing my skills, and learning to illustrate digitally. Sadly, the Children’s Illustration market left me behind.
I don't do whimsy.There are few illustration opportunities for Adventure illustration for children,using adult characters.

I have the improbable goal of bringing these stories back.


 American Illustration 39 CHOSEN 2020

CFA Affiliate Artist 2020

Artist of the Decade: 2020
ArtTour International Magazine

Circle Foundation for the Arts
Excellence Award 2019

Circle Foundation for the Arts
Artist of the Year 2018, 2019

Proud Family”/“The Story of Esther

Permanent Collection: Museum of Biblical Art, Dallas, Texas

 Small Moments—Greatest Meaning

Graphite Portraits by Marty Jones, July 2006

Unto Him Fine Arts Gallery, Newberg, Oregon

Brachot”/"Blessings”, 2001

Sanctuary For the Arts/Mittleman Jewish Community Center

"Koinonia" CIVA/NNU Exhibit, 2000

Northwest Nazarene University, Nampa, Idaho

Drawn To Christ: Cross-Country II; 2000

Weaver Gallery, Bethel College,
Mishawaka, Indiana

National Christian Fine Arts Exhibition, 1999

Farmington, New Mexico

Published Works

A Scandal In Bohemia © 2019

Authored by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Illustrated by Marty Jones

Like Father, Like Son? Naomi Krant © 2019

Cover Illustration

The Portable Roger Burke, Selected Fiction Roger Burke © 2017

Cover and Interior Illustrations, e-novel

Deacon Jack  Roger Burke © 2017


That Starry Night Linda Fields © 2016 Westbow Press

Interior Illustrations

The Gift of the Magi Marty Jones © 2015

Illustrated e-novel

Oregon At Last! Marty Jones © 2015

Illustrated Historical e-novel

The Book Lover  Roger Burke © 2014

Illustrated Novel and e-novel

Caesar’s Silver  Badgley Publishing Company © 2013

Cover Illustration

Lucidia: A Glimpse of Dualism Abron S. Toure' © 2005

Cover Illustration

A Scandal In Bohemia Glenndoman Korea © 2005

Korean-language children’s picture book version of the classic
Sherlock Holmes story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

"The Wolves of Yellowstone" Yellowstone Park Foundation

© 2005 Illustrations for "electronic field trip" online Park tour

The Declaration of Independence, Rourke Publishing © 2002

Illustrated Historical Non-fiction

Oregon At Last, Scholastic © 2002

Illustrated Historical Novel

First Heroes For Freedom, Silver Moon Press © 2000

Illustrated Historical Novel

Rainbows and Other Promises, New Canaan Publishing © 1999

Cover Illustration

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